About us

The name RUMKE is a term to solve technical problems of productions in the ceramic industries for about 50 years.

Our competence contains following activities:

      • Construction of new conveying plants for the coarse ceramic industries
      • Purchase and sale as well as dismantling of plants and machines
      • Overhauling and repairing of machines at the coal face or in our work in Brilon
      • Plant planning from used or new machines or the combined used of them
      • Streamlining, modernisation and performance intensification of existing plants
      • Installation of used and new plants or single machines
      • Advising of technical problems of productions
      • Arrangement of single machines or complete plants
      • Dealing with used brick making machines

We have a large store of used machines, spares and plants from the brick industries and the tone and soil industries. So we can react fast at customers wishes.

Furthermore we can offer you a great variety of cutting wire “extra strong” on rolls and in flexible length, and original Swedish cutter branding.

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